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Bitcoin 100
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What is Bitcoin 100

We built a coin that brought together 100 options within it.

Bitcoin 100 is a Representative Token that brought together within it 100 other most important cryptocurrencies in the market.

Although it is possible to acquire the 100 cryptocurrencies independently, our team developed the solution so that it can be done only once, thus being able to diversify in an agile, safe and easy to use blockchain based manner. It will include easy integration for cryptocurrency payments and even a decentralized arbitration system.

In the end, our goal is to facilitate access for all companies, employees and business assets in a blockchain ecosystem, which will make businesses truly efficient, transparent and reliable.

Diversification Power

Why buy Bitcoin100? (B100)

One of the mainly advantages of buying the Bitcoin100 (B100) is the capital diversification. Those 100 cryptocurrencies which together turns B100 a good option to you represent not only market segment but various and they solve many issues also are the most traded at all worldwide exchanges.

Soon, once you purchaseBitcoin100 (B100) you will be investing into the most cryptocurrencies with liquidities and markets representative in a fast and secure way. Imagine doing a hundred off buying or a hundred of sellings? How long? How much taxes? But now you can do it at once!

Another advantage of purchasing Bitcoin100 (B100) is the easiness of use it day by day for commerces payments.

worthless predictability

How Bitcoin100 (B100) value is calculated?

The calculatuons of B(100) is pared to DAI (USD) opening with a fraction of 0,01 DAI and into each ten days the same DAI fraction will be added and divided equaly for the entire hundred set of cryptocurrencies and its daily quotation.

It is needed to check DAI ruling fraction and divide by 100 into the quotation to find the amount requested to buy those cryptocurrencies for the capital formation.

Fulfilling this operation with all cryptocurrencies set you will find DAI amount and this is how Bitcoin100 price is calculated.

It is also important to highlight that all CRYPTOCURRENCIES quotation are followed every second and the calculation is automatically done from new values.

Considering this, Bitcoin100 floats 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

representativeness & liquidity

How Bitcoin100 (B100) is composed?

The Bitcoin100 (B100) is composed by a hundred studied and analysed cryptocurrencies considering market representative and reliable projects.

They are elegible cryptocurrencies traded regularly and their financial volume should be at least 50 BTC also traded 80% into ten days.

The weight of each cryptocurrency into the set is equal for all of them and the single quantity for each is determined by the market value of its cryptocurrency.

Is good to share that Bitcoin100 (B100) methodology doesn’t allow that one CRYPTOCURRENCY has more than 1% into the set.

Besides that the wallet is revised into each ten days. Therefore, there is the possibility of 36 (tirthy six) sets per year.

By the end of the validity period of each set the criteria to insertion is revised just like the participation of each cryptocurrency.


I want Bitcoin100 (B100)!

I want Bitcoin100 however I have some questions so then I can rely on it. Please answer me.

Which are those 100 cryptocurrencies
wich makes B100 set?

Bitcoin100 (B100) is composed by the bests cryptocurrencies at marketcap choosed by us. To check out portfolio

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How to buy Bitcoin100 (B100)?
Check how to get it!

It is very simple purchasing Bitcoin100. To be redirected to the page with more details

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Wich wallet should I use?
Learn which are better to you!

There are various wallet options that you can use. We indicate 03 which for us are the bests. To learn more about them!

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Decentralized Finance

It is the contractoion which the community (or the market) uses to refers to a protocols set, products and blockchain financial apps. Some are also named by Open Finance or Money Legos.

DeFi applications don’t need intermediaries ou mediators. The code specifies all the possible disputs resolutions and the member maintain its funds control the entire time. This reduces associates costs for the supply and use of these products also allowing a financial system with less frictions.

How traditional financial system depends on intermediaries profits its service usually are absent at low income community. However, with DeFi the costs are significantly reduced and those people can also gain profits with a large options of financial services.

Once these new financial services are implanted into the blockchains top unique failure points are eliminated. Data is registered in blockchain and spread by milions of us making the censure or the disconnection of a service impossible.

DeFi crucial applications are at decentralized exchanges (DEX). Those plataforms allow user trades digital assets without an reliable intermediary. Trades are done daily between users wallets with the help of smart contracts.

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Token Sale

Take advantage now to purchase the voucher to exchange for your Bitcoin100 (B100) at any time or make the holder up to the last 10 years and have up to 10,000% appreciation.

21 May 2021

10 Days

DAI $ 0.01
31 May 2021

10 Days

DAI $ 0.02
10 Jun 2021

10 Days

DAI $ 0.03
20 Jun 2021

10 Days

DAI $ 0.04
10 Jun 2021

10 Days

DAI $ 0.05
20 Jun 2021

10 Days

DAI $ 0.06
  • Token Symbol IBO1
  • Token Sale Start 21 May 2021
  • Token Sale End 31 May 2021
  • Tokens for sale 100.000.000,00
  • Token Price 0,01 DAI
  • Specifications IBO VOUCHER (IBO1)
  • Max circulating supply,00
  • Sale duration ten-day

Token Allocation

20% Operating
80% Liquidity & Swimming Pool

Operating Allocation

5% Admin & Ops
10% Legal & Advisory
15% Marketing
20% Business Dev & Ops
50% Sales & Partnerships

Incentive Bitcoin100 (B100) Offering

IBO is the Bitcoin100 Incentive Offer (B100), our IBO will be done in ten days which is the interval every 10 days and be divided into 100 days, that is, 1000 days. For each ten-year period, the value rises by $ 0.01 until it reaches the value of $ 1 at the end of the ten-year period, thus ending our IBO.


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